Profender Bumpstop for Toyota Landcruiser 100 HDJ100


Profender Bumpstop for Toyota Landcruiser 100 HDJ100 with IFS suspension or rigid front axle. 

The BUMP STOPS acts in the last section of the suspension travel, hardening it exponentially.

It allows us to have a smooth setting at the beginning of the journey and at the same time avoid bumps at the end, protecting the chassis and body from possible breakage.

BUMS STOP contains nitrogen under pressure inside. It is nitrogen that provides a very progressive character: the more we compress it, the greater the pressure and the more difficult it is to continue compressing.

Result: we gradually decelerate the compression of the suspension, achieving 0 speed just before reaching the end.

- Available with 2 or 3 inches of travel

- 46mm piston

- 32mm stem

- Adjustable in nitrogen pressure

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