2Gen Hybrid VNT Red Turbo for Toyota Landcruiser 100


Standard the 1HD-FTE produces 430Nm of engine torque and 204 hp. A MWR4x4  2gen bigneck vnt turbo combined with a customized tune of the factory injection pump and also a MWR4X4 oversized intercooler can expect 760 new/m of engine torque and over 290hp. Boost should reach a minimum of 1 bar at 1900rpm when tuned correctly. Installations with a large intercooler, 3” exhaust, custom injection pump, and an upgraded airbox and feed to turbo could  have yielded results as high as 300 hp and torque over 800nm at the crankshaft.

2º Gen Mwr4x4 reinforced hybrid  big neck vnt for hdj100 and hdj80 with vacuum actuator(adaptation kit is needed for non-vnt hdj100 and hdj80)

Our new Mwr4x4 vnt can also be supplied with bigger exhaust output and a Red anodized MFS aluminum snake.

Inside we install a high-quality component that makes this vnt much more stronger and reliable.

In the exhaust, part is fitted a hi-efficiency cutback output turbine

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