MWR4x4 provides an OEM factory turbo rebuild service for a high majority of Toyota diesel vehicles. Our experienced turbo technicians pride themselves on their ability to identify faults, disassemble and rebuild to a level more superior the standard. Turbo balancing measures at MWR4x4 are x3 higher than most factory turbos. Our highly proficient European balancing equipment ensures that your turbo will be more reliable with the possibility that it could be even quieter than original.

Turbo Rebuild Process for Toyota Landcruiser 100 1HDFTE

1. Strip

2. Clean

3. Test Actuator assembly

4. Fit Standard Rebuild Kit

5. High RPM VSR Precision Turbine Balancing

6. Re-Assemble

7. Turbo VNT Balance (VNT Turbos)

Re-fitment of the turbo

In the process of re-installation, identification of external sources of wear and tear is critical so the same problem does not re-occur. Common foreign issues that potentially inhibit the turbo includes: the blockages in the boost control solenoid, dirty/contaminated oil lines and the presence of silicon sealant on the oil feed flange. Rectification of all external issues is essential before installation of the rebuilt turbo.


All MWR4x4 products come with a 12-month factory warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product, send us the turbo back, and we will refund the full purchase price of the turbo. We ensure all our products are sent out at the highest standard so you have the assurance of reliability. For more information check out our warranties page.