Shock absorber Profender Spain Dakar for Toyota Landcruiser 100


The Dakar is our best-selling shock absorber, and it is no coincidence ...

It offers far superior performance than a two-tube shock, while maintaining a very affordable price.

It is a serviceable shock absorber, which means that it can be completely disassembled and any faults fixed. With proper maintenance we will have a shock absorber working at 100% for a long time.

The separate bottle means an increase in the volume of oil so large that in some models it exceeds more than double the capacity of the original shock absorber.

This way we lower the working temperature and a more stable behavior is achieved.

The bottle is internally divided into two chambers, separated by a floating piston: a chamber to which the oil comes from the shock absorber, and another isolated from the first, which contains nitrogen under pressure.

When the shock is compressed, some of the oil it contains travels through the hose to the separate bottle. There he pushes the floating piston and this in turn

compresses the nitrogen that is in the next chamber.

The force necessary to compress nitrogen increases exponentially as we push it. If we push it a little, we need little force, on the other hand, to compress it a lot, we will need to exert a lot of pressure.


With this we will achieve a soft behavior, very sensitive to small impacts and, at the same time, a very firm setting at the end of the shock absorber's travel, making compression stops very difficult.

- 2.0 ″ monotube damper with separate 2.0 ″ bottle

- 46mm piston

- 20mm stem

- Adjustable in nitrogen pressure

- Spring preload adjusting nut

- Repairable

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