In order to design the right turbo for an application, MWR4x4 engineers must first understand both the intended use, engine design and ECU/injection system that controls and fuels the engine. Once this is well understood, we are perfectly placed to design new mapping for standard and modified diesel engines. Our passion for engine optimization drives us towards substantial gains in both outright performance and fuel economy. Here in our Estepona, Spain, our tuning is  designed and rigorously tested on one or the largest dynos in Spain. Having a chasiss dyno with a high power and torque capability allows us to perform extended period testing that replicate extreme conditions your vehicle may experience from time to time.

Our services include custom remaps, mechanical tunes and dyno testing.

What you can expect from a dyno tuned turbo

Power – Depending on the vehicle and additional modifications, customers can typically expect 20%-30% increases in power from a stock turbo and fuel system. When combined with a MWR black turbo, customers can usually expect improvements in the range of 40%-150%.

Torque – Whether you are towing caravans or heading up the dunes, MWR4x4's tuning can increase torque by 20%-30% off a stock turbo. Again, when combined with a MWR black turbo, customers can typically expect results in the 50%-200% range.

Fuel Economy – Generally tuning produces an efficiency improvement. It is difficult to make an overarching statement about what gains we can get you due to the vast number and age of vehicles we tune. It would be accurate to say that improvements in the economy are usually in the order of 2-10%.