Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body for Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series 4 Speed 5 Solenoid


Are you planning on doing some Towing or Touring? Maybe some Engine Performance upgrades? The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body upgrade is a must to ensure your transmission is not the weakest link.

Build-in Australia by Wholesale Automatic Transmissions.

The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body upgrade is the perfect companion to any touring or towing vehicle. Providing the necessary upgrade to the transmission clutches to reduce flaring between gears and increase power efficiency, the Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body is a must for any one hitting the open road towing a caravan. With the added benefit of increased natural engine braking for the downhills descents and better cooler flow. The Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body is also a must for any automatic vehicle that has had an engine upgrade such as a performance chip, exhaust system, or flash tune.

No need to remove the transmission from the vehicle, the Nomad Heavy Duty Valve Body can be fitted by any competent mechanic. The kit comes with a replacement pan gasket and filter(if applicable). It also comes with easy to read instructions for removal and refitting. All of our customers are overwhelmed by the difference this one little upgrade makes to the tow-ability of the vehicle.

All Heavy Duty Valve Bodies are sold on an Exchange Basis that requires a Fully Refundable Deposit of 510 euro (once you have returned your original valve body in working condition).

Any valve bodies returned in an incomplete, damaged, rusted or otherwise an unusable state may have part or all of the refundable deposit withheld to cover costs. You have 30 days from date of dispatch to return your original valve body for a full refund of the deposit.

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