NTDD powerchip STEP 4 for Toyota Landcruiser HDJ100


The NTDD is a sophisticated, piggyback computer that works in harmony with your vehicle’s factory computer. It electronically resides between your car’s ECU and engine, giving you full control over your vehicle’s engine management system. The NTDD does not alter your vehicle’s factory engine management control unit in any way. The NTDD chip improves Horse Power, Engine Torque, and Fuel Consumption.

Software Version Step 4 tested by MWR4x4 Team.


Can be suplied with different levels and software steps.

Horse Power

The NDDD chip can deliver more than 250 hp, power that will not hurt us when we want to move the enormous weight on extreme routes or difficult ramps, even more if we use specific preparations or travel with the house in tow.

Engine Torque

The Engine Torque also increases by an important 23% to bring the Toyota to 530 Nm, it is easy to imagine how with that huge Torque. The HDJ 100 pushes from below regardless of weight, load or tread surface. The engine becomes more elastic and comfortable to drive. 

Fuel Consumption

Consumption is also significantly reduced, in the measurements carried out we have certified a reduction of 8%, going from 16.1 liters in urban to 14.7 liters. Driving on the highway, we are going to 8.83 liters per 100 against the 9.6 that it consumes at the origin. The combined consumption of 11.1 liters drops to 10.21 liters. 

Software Map Versions created and tested by MWR4x4 Team

There are also different types of more aggressive software depending on the requirements of the customers and the preparation of the vehicle


Basic software with 31 power curves suitable for production vehicles looking for a little more power and torque. Low response and lower consumption.

Approximate profit ... 45 CV


Improved software with 31 power curves suitable for vehicles with turbo pressures greater than 1 bar.

The approximate gain is 55 hp


Software superior to the improved one recommended for those who want to take advantage of the 4.2cc del.1hdfte, always maintaining reliability.

It is recommended for this and for the rest of the Software to be updated in the adjustment of the valves .. injectors .. cleaning the intake manifold and the catalytic converter.

The oversized intercooler and 3 ”exhaust system are also recommended to prevent overheating.


These Softwares are indicated for vehicles that want to get the most out of it.

Indicated for competition or more demanding preparations.

The use of these centrals means that the blow of the turbo rises as a consequence of the increase in injection, which causes the vehicle's control unit to go into protection mode or with small jerks at high revs.

The limit value supported by the hdj100 ECU is 1 bar, so anything that exceeds this value will cause this effect.

To fool the ECU, electronic units called EMUMAP are used to avoid this flabby mode or failure mode.

EMUMAPs can be fixed or adjustable range. They both work properly. Please see the related product EMUMAP

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