Extreme Heavy Duty Valve Body for Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series 4 Speed 5 Solenoid


Are you running a vehicle with significant power and torque upgrades? The Extreme Heavy Duty Valve Body is a must to properly handle your performance upgrades and ensure your transmission is not the weak link.

Build-in Australia by Wholesale Automatic Transmissions.

Extreme Heavy Duty Valve Body Upgrade is designed for the customer who is running a vehicle with significant power upgrades to the standard – bigger turbos, high flow injectors, superchargers, and any other aftermarket engine modification to gain more power. “Or” simply prefers a firmer shifting transmission. An extreme valve body is often thought of as a stage two valve body upgrade though the firmness of the valve body does varying depending on transmission. We often think the extreme valve body is suitable for any significant engine upgrade or the young at heart.

The Extreme Heavy Duty Valve Body is essentially designed for those drivers who feel that “A chip and exhaust just doesn’t do it for me.”  This is for where the engine power and torque is greater than 50% more than what came out of the factory. We have both the Nomad and Extreme heavy duty Valve body available. Either valve body will make a noticeable difference to the way the car drives.

The Nomad and Extreme valve bodies are slightly different. They are both Heavy Duty assemblies, both can handle power increases and both have far greater towing capabilities, however the Extreme is designed specifically for substantial power increases. The Nomad is a slightly firmer and instant shift over the factory fitted standard units while the Extreme is slightly firmer again. The only difference between the Nomad and Extreme valve bodies is the firmness of the shift and where the Extreme is required for high output engines. The Nomad is the best both On and Off road and is better suited towards towing while the Extreme is more for the person that wants the firmer shift or is working at the upper limits of the transmission’s capabilities.

A word of warning, though, in the case of the Extreme Valve Body there is a trade-off for handling the increased power which is that the gear changes while driving at low throttles can be quite noticeable.  This is a result of the increased pressures to the clutch packs so that there is much greater clamping ability for those engines that are still highly capable at light throttles. This is done in anticipation of a sudden power increase i.e. turbo coming on boost while still at low to moderate throttles.

All Heavy Duty Valve Bodies are sold on an Exchange Basis that requires a Fully Refundable Deposit of 510 euro (once you have returned your original valve body in working condition).

Any valve bodies returned in an incomplete, damaged, rusted or otherwise an unusable state may have part or all of the refundable deposit withheld to cover costs. You have 30 days from date of dispatch to return your original valve body for a full refund of the deposit.

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